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  1. I decided to change the domain address of one of my websites. Page is created with Next.js and Wordpress serves as the backend and source of the content. I managed to complete the entire operation in 15 minutes.

  1. I'm starting another project. Of course, with React again. One of the decisions that I have to make at the beginning, especially when working in larger development teams, is the one regarding the directory structure and the arrangement of files. It is always a difficult moment for me.

  1. There are three ways in JavaScript how we can declare a variable - var, let, and const. Let's see the difference between them and also see how to use them when destructing arrays or objects.

  1. Life has become much simpler since hooks were introduced in React (v16.8). For many developers, class components are forgotten, and managing the state or side effects of (functional) components has become much easier and more enjoyable. In addition to the Standard Hooks such as useState and useEffect, we have another great option - to create our own Custom Hooks.

  1. I created the first website just for myself. I do not write about it anywhere, I do not publish links, I do not have social media connected to it. Does such a page have the right to appear in Google search results? I'm starting an experiment.